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Application Thread

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Application Thread Empty Application Thread

Post  Rudolf Farber on Wed Dec 04, 2013 8:52 am

Hello if you are reading this then you are perhaps about to join.

Here are some things you must know first -

Ground attack is a large part of the squadron, therefore:

You must be willing to fly at least 3 of the following aircraft, you do not need to be proficient as help and support will be provided -

  • Bf109 including Jabo variants,
  • Bf110 including Jabo variants,
  • FW190 ¬†including Jabo variants,
  • Ju87 Stuka,
  • Ju88
  • and the He111.

You must be 18 years or over.

You must speak English to a reasonable level.

You must have a working head set.

You must be available on a (preferably East) USA or European time zone.  We don't want Halley's comet as a member.

You must have an account on this forum.

If you pass this self assessment then please continue by copying and pasting and completing the following in your own thread:

Your German Name:
(This will be the name you will use.)



Have you read the rules and agree to them:

Which aircraft are you competent in:

Which aircraft would you like to fly with us:

Do you own IL-2:

Have you been in any flying unit before:

If you have been the member of a flying
unit before what was it called:

Previous experience:

Can you speak English:

How much time can you commit to this unit per week:

Any other Information you wish to add:


If you apply and do not follow these instructions within one week you will be removed from these forums and have to reapply.

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