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Community Dogfight Competition

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Community Dogfight Competition Empty Community Dogfight Competition

Post  Rudolf Farber on Tue Aug 21, 2012 2:49 am

To me, if your getting into a dog fight - your doing it wrong.

However I know some of you guys love to dogfight so are any of you guys going to represent us?

Championship in the second half of September. Next week will be published by the rules and is open to accept applications from members.
If possible, almost all of the fights will be televised live on all major stream-channels simultaneously. Records of all battles will be posted on Youtub.
goggle trnslt.


Come to the server =m=(DUEL) there is running the test map, for training.
Server is locked with a password. Password to the server: 1x1

Community Dogfight Competition Farber87_zps351ad3ac
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